First Update!

This is our first update to This Meeting Sucks! We have been pushing out bug fixes immediately without waiting for the new features to come along. In the future, we will try to stick to a more regular schedule for launching new features and bug fixes!

  •  Fixed a bug that caused reports to be one day off or report days of NaN/NaN. 
  •  Fixed a problem that might have caused the submit button to be disabled on forms even if there wasn't anything wrong. 
  •  Fixed several bugs that could cause ThisMeetingSucks! to crash or freeze under certain circumstances. 
  •  Fixed the nefarious "this website has a redirect loop" bug. 
  •  Fixed an error that caused browsers to say the website was unsafe.
  •  Changed some UI elements to help with clarity.
  •  Fixed certain browser incompatibility issues. Everything "should" more or less work as long as you are using a browser from this decade. (If you aren't, then you probably can't read this anyway.)                       
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